Kuttumsar Caves


By rail, it is 40 kms from jagdalpur. The location is at 18°53’0″N 81°55’32″E. A biggest tourist attraction nearest to Teerathgarh Waterfalls. It is the stalagmite Shiv linga formed over a period of hundreds of years at the extreme end of the cave which is the main attraction. Kuttumsar, Kailash and Dandak caves are in ‘Kanker Valley National Park’ 35 km to South West of Jagdalpur. The caves give a good description of unexplored excellent samples of ancient, untouched nature. The Stalactites and stalagmites formation in these caves give an enchanting view. Kailash caves have organ columns which can be utilized for producing wonderful music. The visitors can visit this subterranean cave near the Teerathgarh waterfalls by passing through a narrow spiral staircase that descends about 40 feet. The caves gives an mystic creations of a master sculptor. The special variety of genetically blind fish is also found here.

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